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Godaddy wordpress hosting SMTP not working [Solved]

Godaddy wordpress hosting SMTP not working [Solved]

Today one of my client contacted me regarding an issue with wordpress hosting by Godaddy. The issue detail was as follows:

  • Domain was registered on godaddy.com
  • Hosting package was Godaddy WordPress deluxe package
  • WordPress plugin Easy WP SMTP was being used by them
  • They were trying to use the business email provided by godaddy.com in their package, however the smtp was failing the test even
  • The mail via contact form 7 was not going through

Lets see the issue and then the solution to this problem.

Why godaddy wordpress hosting SMTP is not working

The issue is, that godaddy handles the smtp differently. The settings are unusually different from common settings that work on other smtp based hosting servers.

SMTP settings for godaddy business email for wordpress hosting

Use these settings to make your smtp settings to work on godaddy wordpress hosting.

SMTP Host: localhost
Encryption: None
SMTP Port: 25
Authentication: None

If the above settings don’t work, try adding the smtp host as follows:

SMTP Host: relay-hosting.secureserver.net

I hope it helps.

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